MyPlate! The New Food Guide Musical

"Choose M-Y P-L-A-T-E

The new food guide for you & me    

My Plate, Choose My Plate

Steps to a healthier you!"

"By eating right & exercising...

You respect your body!

You respect your mind!

You respect yourself!"

"You've got the power!

You've got the might!

To eat right & keep it lite!"

"Each step you take...

Each step you make...

Is a step to a healthier you!"

MyPlate! The New Food Guide Musical has a rap based script that teaches its audiences of students, parents and family the importance of healthy eating and exercise. Musical numbers correspond to the different colors on MyPlate and are narrated with interesting facts about each food group. The musical score fuses original Hip Hop/Rap material with hit Rock & Roll and Disco songs.

100 participating students and three professional Broadway actors perform the musical production before assemblies of 1st to 5th graders, parents and family.

A Few Select Portions

"Fruit Delicious, Fruit Nutritious"

"Veggies Rock!"

"It's A Whole Grain Food Fiesta"

"You've got move it, groove it...T'ain't nothin' to it!"